AIDA64 6月更新

New cache and memory benchmarks

The completely rewritten cache and memory bandwidth benchmarks now utilize AVX2, AVX and SSE instructions of the latest AMD, Intel and VIA processors; and use up to 32 threads for read, write and copy bandwidth measurement. The brand new cache and memory latency benchmark now uses a block-random method to eliminate the effect of hardware prefetchers, and to minimize TLB misses. For legacy processors all benchmarks and the System Stability Test are available in 32-bit version as well.

Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD “Kabini” and “Temash” APUs

AIDA64 CPUID Panel, Cache & Memory Benchmark panel, System Stability Test, and all memory and processor benchmarks are fully optimized for AMD “Kabini” and “Temash”desktop, mobile and tablet APUs, utilizing AVX, SSE4.1 and AES-NI instructions. Detailed chipset information for AMD “Yangtze” integrated Fusion Controller Hub. Improved support for the upcoming AMD “Kaveri” and “Beema” APUs.

Next-generation Intel processors and chipsets support

AVX2 and FMA optimized 64-bit benchmarks for the upcoming Intel “Haswell” desktop and mobile processors. Extended chipset information for Intel “Lynx Point” and “Lynx Point-LP” PCHs, and for the integrated memory controller of Intel “Haswell” processors. AIDA64 benchmarks and System Stability Test utilize Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2), Fused Multiply-Add (FMA) instructions, and AES-NI hardware acceleration of the new Intel processors. Improved support for Intel “Avoton” and “Valleyview” SoC, “Haswell-E” and “Ivy Bridge-E” CPU. Preliminary L4 cache bandwidth and latency benchmarks for the upcoming Intel “Crystal Well” processor. Intel Centrino Mobile Technology 9th Generation (Shark Bay-MB) compliancy test.

Support for the latest hardware technologies

Graphics processor, OpenGL and GPGPU details, temperature and cooling fan monitoring for the latest GPUs: AMD Radeon HD 7730, Radeon HD 7990 “Malta”; nVIDIA GeForce GT 705M, GeForce GT 735M, GeForce GT 740M, GeForce GT 745M, GeForce GTX 760M, GeForce GTX 765M, GeForce GTX 770, GeForce GTX 770M, GeForce GTX 780, GeForce GTX 780M, GeForce GTX Titan LE, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X. Improved support for Crucial M500 and OCZ Vertex 450 SSDs.

L4 cache support
nVIDIA GeForce GTX780Windows 8 certified


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